What are Open Badges?

  • the new standard for portable open credentialing
  • transparent, verifiable recognition of skills and achievements
  • smart digital files that can be shared across networks

Open Badges were introduced by the Mozilla Foundation in 2011. Since then, they have been adopted by educational institutions, professional and vocational organizations and by employers around the world, because they provide a better way to recognize learning, especially learning that takes place outside of a classroom.

What is CanCred Factory?

CanCred Factory is an innovative cloud-based Open Badge management system. Technically, it is identical to Open Badge Factory at openbadgefactory.com with the same comprehensive set of tools for creating, issuing and managing Open Badges. But CanCred Factory is a distinctly Canadian service, delivered from servers in Canada, focused on the needs of Canadian badge issuers. Learning Agents has signed an agreement with Discendum Oy, the creator of Open Badge Factory, to offer CanCred Factory.

What is CanCred Passport?

CanCred Passport is a companion platform for CanCred Factory where users can set up free accounts to store their badges. They can display their badges on Passport pages that act as mini-portfolios and share them over social media such as LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook.

You can find out more about Open Badges, CanCred Factory and CanCred Passport in this presentation: