What is an ePortfolio?

An ePortfolio is a digitized collection of evidence stored online that demonstrates skills and learning. Over half of today’s employers use social networking sites to research job candidates, so your learners need to be ready to put their best foot forward in person and online.

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What is Savvyfolio.net?

Savvyfolio.net is a cloud-based subscription service hosted in Canada by Learning Agents, an award-winning eLearning company. Savvyfolio.net is built on Mahara ePortfolio open source software, used in learning systems worldwide. For more information go to the Savvyfolio website.

Featured on Savvyfolio.net: Career Portfolio Manitoba

"Employability ePortfolio based on Essential Skills"

CPMB2.png Launched in 2010, Career Portfolio Manitoba is an institution sharing space on Savvyyfolio.net. It is a lifelong, lifewide solution which is available to all adults in the province of Manitoba, Canada. This human capital development service teaches participants how to reflect on their work, life and education experiences to profile employability skills and knowledge which can be showcased for potential employers in a structured personal web site. It is a lifelong learning tool provided for free to all Manitobans. Young, middle-aged and older adults are guided to build and maintain their eportfolios using a framework based on Canada’s Essential Skills for Employability.

These eportfolios contain diverse evidence of skills and knowledge in the form of uploaded and embedded images, audio clips, videos, presentations and professional networks which authentically demonstrate what these adults know and can do. This evidence may be uploaded from mobile phones or embedded from a variety of sites, such as LinkedIn, YouTube and Slideshare.

The informal eportfolio building course is supported by video tutorials, a fictional exemplar eportfolio and additional learning activities provided in a companion online Moodle course. Course delivery is supplemented by digital capture clinics, to help learners professionally capture content such as skills demonstrations and video introductions.

Career Portfolio Manitoba is funded by Workplace Education Manitoba and Workplace Prior Learning Assessment & Recognition (WPLAR), non-profit agencies who provide valuable Essential Skills and Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) training for employability and workplace learning. The project was based on a unique proposal developed by Learning Agents.