Technical White Paper: Document Clearinghouse

As a follow-up to a report delivered the previous year, Citizenship and Immigration Canada's Foreign Credential Referral Office (FCRO) was interested in exploring the feasibility of creating and maintaining a “One Stop Shop” or clearinghouse of FCR-related information and services for stakeholders across Canada, as an library annex to the IQ Network, an online community of practice.

This “One Stop Shop” would not be a standalone entity, but would leverage the efforts of the pan Canadian community, aggregating the content of a variety of relevant databases held by other stakeholders in dynamic “mashups” driven by Web Services and other syndication technologies.

mockup diagram This technical white paper provided background and analysis for this exploration as follows:

  • Described Web Services and other syndication technologies and their potential for information aggregation “mashups”
  • Described examples and best practices from similar solutions in Canada and elsewhere
  • Provided potential sources of data partnerships and that could be developed to channel and filter relevant information to the Clearinghouse
  • Provided mockup examples of what a user interface could look like
  • Suggested next steps for exploration.

Activities included research, analysis, writing, revision and presentation of the paper to FCRO staff.