Career Portfolio Manitoba

ePortfolio for Employability with Essential Skills

examples of portfolio tools
Workplace Education Manitoba and Workplace Prior Learning Assessment & Recognition (WEM/WPLAR) provide valuable Essential Skills and Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) training for employability and workplace learning. They have been seeking ways to expand their reach and scope using Internet technologies. WEM/WPLAR accepted a unique proposal by Don’s company, Learning Agents, in partnership with another small company already delivering a classroom/hard copy version of the course, to develop and launch this innovative community-based, Manitoba-wide ePortfolio initiative.

This human capital development service teaches participants how to reflect on their work, life and education experiences to elicit employability skills and knowledge which can be showcased for potential employers in a structured personal web site, with links to supporting evidence. It is a lifelong learning tool provided for free to all Manitobans.

Activities include Internet research, international conference presentations, partnership development and hands-on work with tools such as Mahara, Moodle and Web 2.0 applications. Deliverables include the development of a community-based learning and showcase platform, adaptation of one course and 12 computer lab deliveries of that course by September 2012. A self-directed online version is in development.

Learning Agents is currently spearheading research partnership negotiations with a Canadian university using the same technology. The project has already been showcased in Australia, Germany, the UK and at Canada-wide conferences.