PD webcasts for Manitoba's EAL teachers

October 4, 2008

Learning Agents has begun recording and packaging a series of professional development workshops for English as an Additional Language (EAL) teachers in Manitoba Labour and Immigration's Adult Language Training (ALT) program.

These workshops will be available for teachers across the province through the Internet and on DVD ROM disk. 

The series currently includes six workshops delivered by Joanne Pettis, Coordinator, Adult EAL Curriculum Development & Implementation,and three sessions from an upcoming EAL conference. Other workshops may be added in February 2009.

Current topics include:

  • Overview: EAL in Manitoba
  • Intro to the Canadian Language Benchmarks
  • Task-based Instruction
  • Collaborative Language Portfolio Assessment
  • Lesson planning
  • Language Assessment

Benefits to ALT and its teachers include reduced travel cost, access to learning "directly from the source", and the ability to refer to workshops afterwards.

The innovative and accessible ePresence webinar technology was developed at the University of Toronto. It enables video of the presenter to be synchronized with PowerPoint slides, with a Table of Contents providing direct access to any part of the presentation, giving more control to the viewer.

A new feature of the system provides the ability to share index points as links, making the content more flexible as a learning resource that can be integrated into Learning Management Systems or the classroom.