eLearning presentation at Work and Learning Knowledge Centre (WLKC) Annual Symposium

May 15, 2008

Don Presant provided an overview of eLearning for the Canadian workplace for participants at Work and Learning Knowledge Centre's Annual Symposium. The session was introduced with a short presentation by John Biss, Assistant Director of the Canadian Council on Learning. 

Don's presentation used a combination of information from various surveys and environmental knowledge to examine the potential and practice of elearning in the workplace, from business, labour and learner perspectives. Following the presentation, the audience broke into discussion groups to examine the following questions, the conclusions from which will be shared by the WLKC on their website:

  1. How do we make the 'business case' for e-learning, particularly for Small to Medium-sized Enterprises? What issues of awareness, training cost, quality, effectiveness and
    delivery have to be addressed in order to gain employer support?
  2. How do we ensure that e-learning is most effective from a learner's perspective? What issues of training organization, delivery, recognition and portability have to be addressed in order to make e-learning attractive to learners? 

The WLKC is a node of the Canadian Council on Learning, an independent, non-profit corporation that promotes and supports research to improve all aspects of learning-across the country and across all walks of life. It is funded by Human Resources and Social Development Canada.