Video project for Settlement.Org

SettlementDotOrg_screenshot.jpg (section)July 21, 2008

Learning Agents and OCASI, the immigrant service agency umbrella organization behind Settlement.Org, are working together on "Alternative Career Paths

Learning Agents will produce a series of 15 short videos about newcomers who have pursued alternative careers as a success strategy for getting into the workforce. These videos will be published in a new section on the Settlement.Org website that will analyze and describe these and other alternative career paths for newcomers to Ontario.

The purpose of the videos is to present newcomers with real alternatives to their intended profession. These occupations may be in the same field (e.g. a Radiologist becoming a Radiological Technologist) or in related fields (e.g. an engineer becoming an industrial mechanic or a technical salesperson).

These videos will be presented as "real life" examples of best practices and lessons learned in finding employment in new occupations. These stories from their experience will help other newcomers visualize how they can be successful in achieving pragmatic goals by adapting their skills to the needs of the Ontario workplace.

The project has been funded by CIC Ontario Region under the Immigrant Settlement and Adaptation Program (ISAP). The videos will be delivered by March 31, 2009.