Don Presant becomes Chair of the Manitoba PLA Network (MPLAN)

May 30, 2008

MPLAN_NewBoard_DSCF1965_small.jpg (section) Don Presant was selected as incoming Chair of MPLAN for the next two years. Supported by other members of the Board including Past Chair Carol Hawkins, Don's mission over the next two years will be to deliver on MPLAN's strategic plan, which includes the following:

  1. Identifying the process and the criteria for RPL Certification which will be awarded by MPLAN as Manitoba's RPL professional association;
  2. Positioning itself as a community partner for government funded research projects;
  3. Increasing and broadening its membership by 50%;
  4. Securing ongoing funding for a full time Administrative Coordinator;
  5. Developing and implementing a marketing strategy.
In addition, Don will work to move MPLAN in the direction of ePortfolio, online community-building and increased national and international networking.

MPLAN is a volunteer non-profit organization. It supports and promotes the concept of building interconnected learning communities through the formal recognition of all learning, regardless of where and how it was learned. Its goal is to promote the recognition of prior learning and the advancement of quality prior learning assessment processes and practices. Its stakeholders include learners, education, business, industry, government, regulatory bodies, and community organizations.