"Hands On Digital Media" for adults

December 23, 2008

Learning Agents will work with Adult Education Centres (AEC) to deliver a new "Hands On Digital Media" workshop program which will:

  • Teach the students practical digital media skills that will help them in their life/work
  • Engage the students in the exploration of technical vocational careers
  • Lead the students in producing online ePortfolios that help them reflect on and celebrate their skills and knowledge, and preferences and goals
  • Produce three new career profiles for Career Destination: MANITOBA

The program will run from February 20th - June 5th 2009.

Topics in the syllabus include:

  • Digital photography capture and editing
  • Video production
  • Web site production 
  • Career research and interviewing skills

As part of the program, the class will help with the production of career profiles for Career Destination: MANITOBA. For these profiles, AEC will identify three graduates of the adult learning system who have gone on to career success. Three project groups will go on location to interview and photograph these career success stories.

The capstone project will be an ePortfolio produced by each student, using a combination of Web 2.0 tools and basic HTML. Hosting for the website will be chosen for easy sustainability so that the student will be able to maintain the website indefinitely. Two AEC teachers are participating in the program to explore opporutnties for the integration of ICT and digital media into AEC's curriculum.

The workshop program meets most of the outcomes of the following Senior Years programs:

  • Information and Communication Technology (10 of 10 common outcomes)
  • Digital Pictures (8 of 8 outcomes)
  • Digital Filmmaking (6 of 12 outcomes)
  • Web Design (9 of 9 outcomes)

It also meets several outcomes from Blueprint for Life/Work Designs, which has been adopted by the Province of Manitoba.

  • Personal Management
  • Learning and Work Exploration
  • Life/Work Building


About Adult Education Centres

Adult Education Centres, a registered adult Learning centre with Adult Learning and Literacy Branch of Manitoba Education, Training and Youth, serves two main student clientele. They offer the Mature Student Diploma program to students 19 years or older who have never graduated from high school. As well, about 30% of their 600 students are high school graduates returning to upgrade or take prerequisites for post-secondary training or education. They offer classes both day and evening, and have a staff of five full-time teachers and seven part-time teachers.