Red River College Pilots Savvyfolio as a Learning ePortfolio for Graduate Employability

January 6, 2016

RRC logoThe Accounting and Computer Education (ACE) department at Red River College is piloting ePortfolios for their new Business Technology Management program. The focus is on authentic demonstration of program outcomes and graduate employability.

Red River College is using a shared institutional subscription to Learning Agents' to minimize their financial commitment and risk for the pilot project. If successful, they will expand it to the rest of the department. Red River College joins Career Portfolio Manitoba, UK's Nottingham University and other institutions on this shared service.

Don Presant of Learning Agents is helping an interdepartmental team of staff and instructors explore Savvyfolio's open source Mahara platform as the environment for a Train the Trainer-Professional Portfolio Development Course being delivered by the college's internal RPL service. Says Don: "I'm leveraging a longtime obsession with ePortfolios to challenge their thinking and help them navigate the weeds."

Savvyfolio logo is a subscription-based ePortfolio service offered to education and training organizations by Learning is built on the proven Mahara ePortfolio platform, used by educators worldwide. Our servers are located in Canada.