Open Badges for Community Learning Centres at LEARN Quebec

LEARN logo September 1, 2015

Learning Agents will work with LEARN’s Community Learning Centre team to design and implement an Open Badge system that will take the CLC initiative to the next level in engaging and recognizing learning in its communities.

The Leading English Education and Resource Network (LEARN) is a non-profit organization that primarily serves the public and private Anglophone, and Aboriginal, Youth and Adult Education sectors of Québec.

The Community Learning Centre Initiative is a network of 37 English community schools which support the holistic development of citizens and communities. CLCs provide a range of services and activities, often beyond the school day, to help meet the needs of learners, their families, and the wider community. As a recent development, CLCs are becoming e-learning hubs for their communities, channeling content and providing learner support and complementary services, such as training and career support for adults in transition.

The Open Badges project is being designed as a low risk, phased implementation plan for layering a digital credentialing system onto the valuable learning programs LEARN currently offers, face-to-face and online. The process is also designed to open up new opportunities with new partners to help its communities grow and prosper. Successful implantation of this plan will establish LEARN as a reference point and exemplary case study for similar initiatives in Quebec and Canada.