Keynote programming at Carleton University ePortfolio Summit: Alan Davis, President of KPU

April 29, 2015

Learning Agents worked with Carleton University's Educational Development Centre to program a one day summit on ePortfolios at Carleton.

A key contribution from Learning Agents was the recruitment of Alan Davis, President of Kwantlen Polytechnic, western Canada's largest teaching university. The abstract for the keynote has been copied below.

The 90 Per Cent Solution

picture of Alan Davis Abstract: As those who toil in higher education realize that what our learners know and understand, and what they can actually do, are more important than how, when or where they pick it up, the suggestion that 90 per cent of learning happens outside the classroom gives pause for thought.

Should we sit back and just take care of the 10 per cent that occurs on campus, with more focus on competencies and learning outcomes with richer ways of engaging learners, or should we also be looking at life-long learning in its truest sense?

Can we also develop within our learners the capacity to continuously reflect on, document and validate their learning? At the same time, can we use all that we know about prior learning assessment and recognition plus digital technologies to help learners of any age and background connect their learning to the academy, the workplace, and the community?