Implementing Open Badge Factory at George Brown College

October 29, 2014

Learning Agents is excited to announce its engagement with the office of Research and Innovation at George Brown College to take the college's innovative digital badging strategy to the next level.

Starting in 2014, all students involved in successful applied research projects will be awarded a digital badge at the end of the school year. These badges, or micro-credentials, can be electronically placed anywhere a prospective employer can see them, such as a LinkedIn profile, Facebook page, personal website or ePortfolio.

Learning Agents is assisting GBC's Research and Innovation team in implementing a badging system using Open Badge Factory, a cloud service from Finland built on the Mozilla Open Badge standard. Open Badges issued by George Brown College using Open Badge Factory will be secure, outcomes-based and portable.

Learning Agents is also providing the GBC team with tools and insights from emerging global practices in digital badging, at institutions such as Madison College Wisconsin, the University of California and Open University, UK. This will help ensure a robust, sustainable program that can expand its scope and scale up over time.

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GBC Innovation badge