University Presentation: ePortfolios and Co-Curricular Records

January 9, 2014

Don Presant of Learning Agents delivered a presentation entitled "ePortfolios and Open Badges - Who Needs a Co-Curricular Record?" to a local university at their request.

Co-Curricular Records are institutionally recognized logs of student engagement and student leadership involvement in approved but uncredited activities, which are validated and produced as an official paper document on graduation.

The presentation examined the significant overlap between the functionality of Co-Curricular Records and Learner ePortfolios and made the case for using a platform such as Mahara, enhanced by Mozilla's Open Badges for flexible recognition and micro-certification.

Among Don's comments: "Given that employers are not interested in receiving another piece of paper and suggest that students use the document as a tool for writing better resumes and cover letters, why so much focus on validating the activities and the document itself? Isn’t that a lot of work? Can’t students find learning in many activities, off and on campus? Why set up another system in addition to the ePortfolio? Let the students reflect on their undergraduate experience in their ePortfolios with help from their advisors!"

A modified version of the presentation with supporting material may be found in Don Presant's ePortfolio.

Learning Agents offers low cost shared subscription to the popular Mahara ePortfolio in a service called, soon to be enhanced by Open Badge issuing capability.