Learning Agents sponsoring and speaking at Cannexus 2014

December 3, 2013

Learning Agents has become a sponsor for the Cannexus national career development conference in Ottawa in January. Don Presant, President of Learning Agents, will be co-presenting with ISSofBC on ePortfolios for immigrants.

The presentation will take place at the Ottawa Convention Centre on Tuesday, 21 January at 11am in Room 212.

This presentation is based on one delivered at the annual conference for the Canadian Association of Prior Learning Assessment (CAPLA) in November 2013 in Toronto (see description below).

Don Presant said, "I'm pleased to be sharing the podium again with a innovative team of dedicated immigrant service providers. Clifford Bell and Lisa Herrera can demonstrate a great case study to show how ePortfolios can be effectively embedded in training programs to help skilled newcomers show what they know and close the gaps where they don't."

Employability ePortfolios for Immigrants: Arrival to Employment

(From the conference program.)

We will describe the implementation of ePortfolios for language and employment programs of an immigrant-serving organization as a catalyst to improve clients' language, soft skills and employment readiness as they build themselves a meaningful job-finding tool. We will also provide information on tapping into ePortfolio expertise in Canada, choosing ePortfolio platforms, and challenges and successes encountered along the way.

Clifford Bell– Immigrant Services Society of British Columbia
Lisa Herrera– Immigrant Services Society of British Columbia
Don Presant– Learning Agents