Career Portfolio Manitoba makes its debut

November 2, 2010

Learning Agents, working with Keystone Adult Education Services, quietly launched Career Portfolio Manitoba, an employability eportfolio system based on Essential Skills for Manitoban adults in transition. The initiative is delivered as part of the offerings of Workplace Education Manitoba and WPLAR, non-profit organizations who work with employers to advance Essential Skills and the Recognition of Prior Learning in the workplace.

Career Portfolio Manitoba is free for all Manitobans. Learners take a three day course in a computer lab at 1000 Waverley, where they build their own eportfolios, using material from their resumes, Essential Skills worksheets and authentic evidence of their skills and knowledge, using diverse media such as scanned documents, pictures, video, and contetn from other sites such as LinkedIn. At the end of three days, they have an eportfolio that will serve them for life. A self-directed online version of the course will be offered at a later date.

Career Portfolio Manitoba is built on the open source Mahara platform, first developed in New Zealand, now deployed around the world to meet academic, professional and workplace educational needs. It works with Moodle, an open source learning management system to create a cycle of learning and human capital development.

Excerpt from a Learning Agents slide presentation.