Professional and Voluntary Affiliations

Manitoba PLA Network (MPLAN)

Don Presant is past Chair of MPLAN..

MPLAN networks members from across the region representing a variety of stakeholders including education, business, industry, government and community organizations.

MPLAN is committed to working closely with the Canadian Association for Prior Learning Assessment (CAPLA) to promote the expansion of PLAR practices in Manitoba and Canada.

Learning Agents earned the MPLAN PEARL Award in 2013.

Canadian Association for Prior Learning Assessment and Recognition (CAPLA)

As the only national organization dedicated to the Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL), CAPLA has developed considerable expertise in a wide range of areas connected to RPL. Its network of practitioners, advisors and assessors can be found in communities of every province and territory in Canada.

CAPLA hosts a national conferences every year, focusing on the development of local, provincial, national and international RPL strategies and programs.

Red River College: RPL Practitioner Program Advisory Committee

The RPL Practitioner Program is designed to give participants the skills needed to effectively practice in the RPL field, or related fields such as Adult Learning, Human Resources, Career and Employment Counselling, and Qualification Recognition. They learn key functions such as advising, assessing, and the facilitating of RPL practices and systems.

As part of the college mandate, this committee is recruited from the local community to advise program staff on needs and provide feedback on learning delivery and outcomes. Don Presant has served on this committee since 2009.

New Media Manitoba (NMM)

An association of professionals that advocate and provide focused training, support and guidance to the new media business and development community. Over 450 strong, NMM is a common ground for people seeking to make connections and collaborate on digital interactive projects.

Winnipeg Chamber of Commerce

The Winnipeg Chamber of Commerce, founded in 1873, is the largest organization representing the voice of business in Winnipeg. Its mission is to foster an environment in which Winnipeg business can prosper.