Selected Clients

Canadian Manufacturers & Exporters (CME Manitoba)

Learning Agents has been working with CME Manitoba in three areas:

  1. Partnering to develop funding and produce profiles for Career Destination MANITOBA;
  2. Developing partnerships with the education system and community around careers linked to manufacturing for CME`s Advanced Manufacturing Initiative (AMI)
  3. Assisted CME in 2007 to integrate their two (CME and AMI) web sites to present an integrated message, using the Raconteur Content Management System (CMS).

Workplace Education Manitoba

Workplace Education Manitoba is a business-labour-government partnership that promotes Essential Skills and literacy training in the workplace.

In 2010, Workplace Education Manitoba and its sister organization, WPLAR, funded Career Portfolio Manitoba, an employability eportfolio for adults in transition.

In 2007, Learning Agents produced the research paper “Essential Skills for Successful Self-Employment and Micro-Enterprise”, which Workplace Education Manitoba is using to help guide future initiatives to help small business succeed, especially in rural areas.

Manitoba Immigration and Multiculturalism

Manitoba Immigration and Multiculturalism provides funding for Career Destination MANITOBA for Newcomers and works with Learning Agents to ensure that learning content is accurate and relevant.

Learning Agents has also provided the department with consulting services in the form of research and partnership development in the areas of online delivery of English as an Additional Language and regional community settlement support.

Manitoba Entrepreneurship, Training and Trade (ETT)

ETT’s Industry Training Partnerships is the keystone funder of Career Destination: MANITOBA, both directly and through the sector associations of the Alliance Manitoba Sector Councils.

ETT also partners with Manitoba Labour and Immigration on the Labour Market Strategy for Immigrants (LMSI), which funds Career Destination MANITOBA for Newcomers.

Red River College

In 2008, Learning Agents facilitated an ePortfolio workshop program for the Computer Applications for Business program which won a college learning Innovation award .

In 2007, Learning Agents produced a video for the college’s Aboriginal Education program, celebrating the success of its Computer Applications for Business program.

From 2000-2001 Learning Agents developed training programs for its Market Driven Training department, now known as Contract Training. Programs included Lean Manufacturing and Lotus Notes development.

Citizenship and Immigration Canada

From 2004-2006, Learning Agents produced multimedia testimonials in English and French and coordinated stakeholders across the country for content validation for CIC’s Going to Canada portal.

Human Resources and Social Development Canada

HRSDC was a major funder in the early development of Career Destination: MANITOBA, through its Youth program.

Learning Agents has also worked with HRSDC’s Skills and Labour Market Information Division to:

  • model new ways of navigating the World of Work using the National Occupational Code (NOC) system ENO
  • validate and suggest improvements to early versions of its innovative National Occupational Web Services (NOWS) system

Most recently, Learning Agents worked with organizations across the country to develop the feasibility study, “ePortfolio for Skilled Immigrants and Employers”.