Murray Toews, Design and Motion Specialist

NSI Canada image Murray Toews works with Learning Agents on projects that require bold visual design, motion media and interactivity that appeal to youth.

Since the late nineties, Murray’s creative work spans the disciplines and media of drawing, video, film, set-dressing, audio-art and digital/analog hand-drawn animation.

Murray has a BFA, First Class Honours degree from the University of Manitoba and an undergraduate in English and Philosophy from the University of Winnipeg. Since the late 1980's, Murray has been involved actively as an illustrator, writer, producer, animator and new media artist beginning with creating the largest, interactive video projected comic book at the Winnipeg Art Gallery in 1988 with local performance artist, Alethea Lahofer. During the 1990's, he went on to collaborate on independent films such as the set artist for Guy Maddin's "Archangel"; working with multi-media artist Alex Poruchnyk video installation "Bird in the hand" and in 1997, created a seven part series featuring independent video art in Winnipeg named "Blender TV". He continues to this day to pursue artistic projects that challenge the boundaries of traditional art making.

Murray joined Red River College in 1999 and began a career (with a pension plan) at eTV, Learning Technologies. In the past 15+ years, he has been fortunate to work with an institution that by its very nature, follows the ever increasing curve of technology and expertise in the field of education. Working with the expertise and technical fortitude of eTV staff, he was fortunate to initiate the Paramedicine Scenario Simulator - an online, game-like “proof of concept” tool for Paramedics to practice during and after training. He went on to design the interactive framework for Journey North - a virtual tour of a residential health care centre in Bloodvein Reserve, Manitoba, which partnered eTV with Nursing at RRC and Health Canada.

Currently, Murray is developing “proof of concept” educational mobile apps for various areas and disciplines within the college.