Don Presant, President & Executive Producer

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Don Presant founded Learning Agents in 2000 to develop innovative workplace learning technologies that build human capital and increase organizational productivity.

Don’s expertise combines 10 years experience in educational broadcasting with over 15 years in computer, Internet and e-learning technologies. He has developed several successful tools and methods for knowledge transfer and skills demonstration, based on experiential storytelling by practitioners and authentic multimedia evidence.

Don’s media background began with a BA in Communication Studies at Concordia University. He joined TVOntario as a video editor and began writing and directing documentaries.

In 1993, during a period of fundamental corporate culture change at TVOntario, Don proposed and led the startup of the Online Group, a self-directed new media “skunk works”. That year, the Online Group introduced the LOOP, a cross-platform email and groupware system that replaced the corporate e-mail system a year later. In 1994, Don’s Online Group led TVOntario onto the Internet where its new media products have won several international awards.

Don left TVOntario in 2000 to form Learning Agents, a multimedia learning company in Winnipeg. Since that time he has produced videos, developed the “Career Destination” suite of websites and worked on many other learning projects for national, provincial and non-profit clients and partners.

In 2012, Don helped introduce Open Badges to Europe by inviting Mozilla Foundation to the ePortfolio and Identity Conference (ePIC). In 2013 he was recognized for his key role in the funding of Open Badges for Moodle. Don currently serves on the Open Badges Working Groups for Workforce and Higher Education. He is a community advisor for Open Badge Factory, an international service from Finland.

Don is the son of a retired Canadian Immigration officer who served in various posts around the world for 20 years.

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